Mr EvilPepo [series] - TrollCAT CTF 2021

Abhiram Kumar


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Full solution of Mr Evilpepo (Part 1,2,3) challenge from TrollCAT CTF 2021.


All of the challenges are quite simple hence I won’t really go into great detail about them here. The profile after running imageinfo is Win7SP1x64.

Part 1


The first flag was present in the command history. We can use the cmdscan plugin to get the flag.


FLAG: trollcat{comands_4r3_important}

Part 2


From the description it is pretty clear that we need to fetch the browser history. As we see chrome running in the list of active processes, one can assume that it is the browser we need to look into.


And here, we find a link to encrypted pastebin webpage which requires us to give in a password to view the hidden data. For this we used the user’s local system password and it worked!

The password can be obtained by using the mimikatz plugin.


Password: abracadabra Pastebin URL:

And voila! we get the flag.


FLAG: Trollcat{secret_hidden_0nn_th3_1ntern3t}

Part 3


Part 3 was also quite easy. Initally when I attempted the challenge, I looked at the clipboard contents using the clipboard plugin which revealed a MEGA drive link.


The same link could be obtained by just running strings on the memory dump as well or can be retrieved from a text file where it was originally stored.


From the Mega drive we download a file named Secret which is basically a Veracrypt drive. We just need to load it in Veracrypt and that’s it, the challenge is done.


FLAG: Trollcat{y0u_got_n1ce_Skills!!!}



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