What App Is On Fire? - Securinets Quals 2021

Abhiram Kumar


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Full solution of WhatApp is on Fire challenge? from Securinets Quals 2021.


There are a few fake flags here and there in this challenge. I won’t be covering them.

Challenge Description


You can download the challenge file from here

Investigating WhatsApp chats

The challenge doesn’t really have a lot of information which can help us right away, so we proceed with analyzing the disk image using Autopsy. However, I was fortunate enough to spot WhatsApp in Users\Semah\AppData\Roaming. Upon digging through the folders, I spotted the msgstore.db file which could be read using any DB viewer.


I used DB Browser to look through the SQLite database and found the messages section where we can clearly see chat contents.


The whole chat is as follows



who is with me ?

I'm from the Dev department, there is important things i have to send it to you

oh hello, what is it ?

**okay you can check this file below : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L1xN6R-Za4W1ME2UZE8LXH45gfHSw66D/view?usp=sharing**

Okaay i got it, thank you for the information

Also don't forget to change the password

if you had any problem, don't hesitate to come back to me at anytime

yeah it works fine for now, but why the change?

sorry we can't reveal anything for now, we will discuss it irl, a lot of thing should be told

oh okay hope everything is good

it is no need to worry ! 

Have a nice day

thank you, you too !

Clicking on the google drive link takes us to this:


From the above link we obtain a username, the URL of a login page and first half of the flag.

username: Securinets_Quals2k21
URL: https://for1.q21.ctfsecurinets.com
first half: Securinets{whatsapp_and_

And now we need to get the password of the login page.

Recovering Firefox Saved Password

Autopsy does a really good job in recovering details about saved passwords using its ingest modules. Though we are able to get the username and URL, Autopsy doesn’t give us the password yet.


However, recovering firefox passwords has been known for a long time.

We can simply extract the user profile and then load it a few open-source tools like PasswordFox.

Profile PATH: Users\Semah\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\pyb51x2n.default-release {:.info}

Now we load the extracted folder into PasswordFox.


We use the password GacsriicUZMY4xiAF4yl in the login page to get the final part of the flag.


FLAG: Securinets{whatsapp_and_saved_passwords_isn’t_helpful_after_all_x)} {:.success}

Tools used